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Connect water to QHR

How do I connect my QHR to a water supply?


The QHR is designed to connect to a standard ¾ inch garden hose. Here we provide options for the musician in connecting the QHR.

 1. Connect to a garden hose. This is the basic method for using the QHR. However it can be limited in use if, the weather is not cooperating with the need to clean your horn, or you do not want to do the procedure outside in the natural elements.

 2. Most utility sinks or laundry sinks have a ¾ inch connector. Purchase a short piece of standard hose, i.e. a 4 – 5 foot length and attach it to the utility sink and connect the QHR. Clean the horn in the sink. Note: most schools, motels, and hotels have utility sinks available in the music room or janitor’s closet which provides a very convenient place to clean your horn.

 3. In the bath tub with a hand-held shower. If you have a hand-held shower with a hose, purchase an adapter to convert the shower head to a standard 3/4 inch hose connector. These can be purchased at most hardware stores or at www.QuickHornRinse.com (Model # SHA-001). Simply remove the shower head and replace it with the adapter and connect the QHR. This method allows the musician to control the water volume and water temperature in the comfort of the home or motel/hotel room when on the road.

 4. Again for the bathtub, purchase a tub adapter Model STA-001 from www.QuickHornRinse.com. This devise allows the user to connect the QHR to a standard bath tub faucet. Note: this product will NOT work with tub faucets with a lift deflector for the shower.

 5. Connect the QHR to a standard kitchen or bathroom sink. This method requires the user to replace the aerator on the sink with an adapter that converts the connection to a ¾ inch hose connector. Adaptors can be purchased at your local hardware store See the attached link for simple directions - http://www.wikihow.com/Attach-a-Garden-Hose-to-a-Kitchen-Faucet



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