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1.      New Way to Clean Your Horn

By    davewerden    , 06-17-2010



2.      New Model of a Great Cleaning Device: QHR Sudser

by    davewerden, 06-04-2011 at 07:00 PM



3.      Review: Quick Horn Rinse ESW Device for Cleaning a Horn

February 17, 2012 by Bruce Hembd



4.      Trumpet Technology Column
Michael Anderson, Editor
ITG Journal – NO link , must be member of ITG.

Anderson, Michael: New Trumpet Cleaning Products Mar12/54


5.      Customer review of the EHS-001 Euphonium Hand Strap at the Tuba/Euphonium Form, 10/21/14.




1. An Easy Convenient and Practical Way to Keep Your Brass Instruments Clean.

By Robert W. Ricker, ESW Director of Operations, March 9, 2013.



2. Spring Cleaning in the Band Room,

By Robert W. Ricker, ESW Director of Operations, March 29, 2013.



What the Pros have to say about the QHR.


1.      Adam Frey

Euphonium Artist, Yamaha



Thanks for the photo and kind note.  I did try it out and it cleaned out the lead pipe very well.  The pressure created with my outside hose with the small nozzle was not as strong as I thought it would be, but it got things clean (which is the most important part for sure).  So I think it is a very easy and viable way to clean the instrument. 


Thanks again for your contribution to making things a little less dirty in the brass world!!



2.      Allan Dean

 Professor of Trumpet (Adjunct)

Yale University School of Music 

 I have used the QHR on two different horns and I find by first having
 a clean horn!! and then using QHR on a regular basis  (weekly if
 lucky) that it keeps things clean and good feeling.   Better I don't
 think so, but since I am not a conscientious cleaner this is a good
 solution as it makes me give the horn a good cleaning first and then
 rinse regularly.  I have had to use the hose version as my bathroom
 fixture has the pullup lever but the hose works well (especially in
 the summer).  I did get the fitting to work on a bathtub at the
 summer festival I was teaching at after Denver and that is certainly
 more convenient.   Seems like a good product to me.   Good luck with
 it all.

 cheers,  Allan


3.      Craig Mulcahy

Principal Trombone, National Symphony



Hi Bill,

I'm notoriously terrible about cleaning my horn. I'll play until I run into problems or until I hear solids come out of the spit valve, at which point I take the slide off and snake it while bath water is coursing through the slide. And that seems to work "ok". 
I finally (& I apologize it took this long) got around to using the QHR this morning and loved it! Part of what took so long is the fact that I have no convenient way of doing this indoors and, when it comes to cleaning my horn, it's all about convenience. 
Anyway, after finally getting … in gear and taking the horn to my back yard deck, I found how utterly convenient this thing is! I'm now gonna go to Home Depot to get something I can use to attach this to my utility sink which is, conveniently enough, 15' from my studio. 
The inner slide now looks polished like it did when it was new. Very cool!
I'm now looking forward to taking this to my old double bell euph. Can imaging the crap that's built up in there over the past century! 

Anyway, thanks again for sending it out to me!




4.      Daniel Perantoni
Provost Professor (Tuba and Euphonium)
Jacobs School of Music

Hi Bill:

Great talking to you the other day.  Sorry for my delay in getting this to you. Feel free to use me for any advertisement my friend!  

My wife and I came up with a catchy phrase--Use the QHR often for "A better blow where germs don't grow!"

I highly recommend the Quick Horn Rinse to all brass players.



5.      David Hickman   
Regents' Professor of Trumpet
Arizona State University



I am very impressed with the Quick Horn Rinse.  I cleaned four trumpets in as many minutes.  The instruments seem to play better than ever, making me wonder just how clean I've gotten them before with standard cleaning techniques!  Thank you for your cool invention.

David Hickman


6.      Richard H. Cox, MD, PhD, DMin

Bill - I am honored to be seen as worthy of endorsing your product:

           As a physician and trumpet player I am enthusiastic about the Quick Horn Rinse product. As a presenter of workshops for all grades of music education including Interlochen Center for the Arts, National Trumpet Competition, International Trumpet Guild, Rafael Mendez Institute and others, I frequently encounter brass instrument conditions that are less than sanitary - often with spoiled food particles growing bacteria throughout the entire horn. Cleaning the mouthpiece and lead-pipe alone is insufficient. Students are frequently astounded at the amount of "blue cheese" growing in their instruments, thus even more surprised at how much their playing improves with a good instrument cleaning.  Your invention far exceeds the efficacy of any home cleaning method I have encountered.  I will be highly recommending it to teachers and students in my presentations.  Thank you for this fine addition to our musical world.


7.      Larry Zalkind
Principal Trombone, Utah Symphony
Professor, University of Utah

"I had the pleasure of meeting Bill Ricker at the 2011 Rafael Mendez Institute in Denver, and he introduced me to his Quick Horn Rinse.  This is an excellent product which works very well and saves me time in the upkeep of my horns.  I have used the product now in my Euphonium, bass, alto and tenor trombones, and will continue to use it.  I highly recommend it."

8.      Phillip Fritz

Principal Tuba: Denver Concert Band


I feel the Quick Horn Rinse is the finest and easiest product to give my tubas their much needed cleanings in between full tune-ups at the repair shop!  Cleaning out a tuba is a very cumbersome job and the Quick Horn Rinse cuts the chore factor in half, easily.  The concept is so simple, it makes you wonder why it took so long to come around!!  I use my setup about every 3-4 months on my most used tubas and the difference before and after is noticeable.  Throw in the different configurations available to get the job done and I sincerely have no idea why anyone would ever go without your product.  A++++ in my book!  Thanks for thinking of it!


9.      Elizabeth


"Dear Bill, I love my Quick Horn Rinse! I use it to clean my student's horns and it gets them Squeaky Clean! It is also fun to watch all of the grime in the instruments float away!"


10.  Warren Deck

Principal Tuba, New York Philharmonic, retired.


I have gone through periods when I wasn't so diligent about cleaning my horn and periods when I was.  I can honestly say that when I did keep my horn clean on a regular basis, I had less trouble with the valves sticking and when I did clean the instrument more frequently, the difference in how it played after I cleaned it was not so drastic as it was when I let the dirt build up particularly in the lead pipe, which is where most of the dirt accumulates.  I certainly wish this tool was around while I was still playing.  I would have cleaned my instrument more regularly and had an easier time doing it.




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