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QHR Sudser in action

Directions for cleaning your horn WITH the QHR Sudser:



Preparation: Required items: QHR Sudser, QHR, snake, towel or mat.

  • Connect the QHR Sudser to a standard ¾ inch hose, connect the adapter & QHR to the Sudser. 
  • Load liquid soap into the soap canister and connect it to the Sudser 
  • Test the connection by turning on the water while holding the Sudser and QHR nozzle. Water should flow through the hose and out the nozzle. 
  • For Large Brass instruments, remove the MAIN TUNING SLIDE FROM THE HORN. 
  • If using a tub, put the horn into the tub. 





  • Using your flexible snake, wet the brush and snake the lead pipe to break loose any large particles of debris. 
  • Insert the QHR nozzle into the lead pipe and gently turn on the water with the soap control in the ON position.. 
  • The water will force the cleaning solution through the horn. 
  • Soapy water should begin flowing out the open horn through the main tuning slide connection or bell. 
  • Push down first valve and soapy water will flow through the first vale slide tubing and back into the open horn. 
  • Continue the process with all valve combinations (1, 12, 2, 23, 3, 13, 123). If the horn has a fourth valve, continue with all valve combinations using the fourth valve. 
  • Turn off the Sudser and let the horn soak for a few minutes.
  • DO NOT allow excessive water pressure to force the tuning slides out of the horn as this could result in dents or damage to the slides. 
  • Remove the QHR and snake the lead pipe again to break loose any additional debris.
  • Continue to flush the horn with the soapy water. 
  • Turn OFF the soap and flush clear water through the horn. Continue to flush until clear water is flowing through the entire horn. 
  • When clean water is flowing out the horn you are done with the QHR. Turn off the water and remove the QHR nozzle from the horn.
  • In some cases you may want to reverse the process and flush water through the tuning piping.




  • Remove all the slides and pour the water from the horn and slides. 
  • For Piston valves, remove the valves, oil them and replace. If necessary, brush the valve openings and rinse under the tap. 
  • NOTE: For Rotary Valves, rotary valves should only be removed and replaced by qualified technicians. 
  • Put slide grease on the slides and return them to the horn. 
  • Dry it off and you are ready to play with a clean horn.




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